Next Level Group Incorporated

about us

Next Level Group was founded on February 19, 2007.  The company was founded by Christopher Bazemore who was in college during this time while working on his Master’s Degree. I have always looked for ways to make things better and then I had an idea. I had an idea to start a business that could help other business increase revenue in different facets of their business in which they are not capitalizing on. I figured out that lack of information will make or break a company. Therefore, I started to educate myself on different parts of business by working for other companies. I worked in IT, Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales, Operation, Marketing and Managerial Roles. While going through these different opportunities it afforded me the opportunity to learn, network and scale NLG. NLG provides companies with strategic ways of increasing their revenue streams from information they lack. NLG have found out, you can spend an abundance of energy, money and time by not having the right information and resources to execute business activities expeditiously. While understanding the value of information and people, NLG simply hired experts in different areas of business to aid value to the company mission.


How to Start a business

  • Form LLC and S-Corp
  • Business Credit


  • What is Marketing
  • How to leverage social media for marketing
  • Logo
  • Business colors


  • Build a brand
  • Brand Awareness

Human Resource

  • Network with others to bring value to your company

Business Analysis

  • Perform overall analysis of how you do business today
  • This will allow NLG to identify strength and weaknesses by performing a SWAY

Online Business Seminars

  • Business Start-Up Workshop
  • How to leverage human resources to add value
  • How to set S.M.A.R.T.

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